Son: Dad, where do fish sleep? Dad: In a river bed ;)

Kids are always inquisitive, they always want to go to the depth of every situation and this is the perfect time to get them the right answers and let them choose their direction, because this is what will stay with them all their life.

When you expose kids to the outdoors, you are not just take them out for a picnic but you are creating an opportunity for each child to learn the basics of human life, you are teaching them ethics of wilderness, you are teaching them the importance of self sustaining ecosystem and yes you are giving them one great adventure. 

Parents who take their kids outdoors, we salute you.

We had a great time on our parents and kids fishing trip. The best experience that any kid can get today is to take them outdoors and fishing? Oh yeah! how many kids get to do this today? Hats off to these parents who were willing to allow their kids to beat the sun and rawness of mother nature. We see some character building happening there, great work kids! we will see you soon.

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